Cucumber Lime Smoothie

Cucumber Lime Smoothie is a low-calorie drink you’ll love year-round. It’s super easy to make and deliciously tart and refreshing!

Bright and early this morning, G was off to Sam’s Club to buy a couple of cases of water and a few household essentials we were running out of. As he headed for the door, he asked if I wanted anything from the store. “Zucchini, please. I am going to make bread.

Fast forward an hour or so later, I was helping him unload the groceries when he handed me two long green something in a flimsy clear bag, “Got you your zucchini.” I mumbled my thanks and proceeded to unwrap what I was expecting to be zucchini. They were CUCUMBERS! 😂 A for effort, you guys!

Remember that line from a Rolling Stones song, You can’t always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes, well, you might find, you get what you need?.

Well, I threw the peeled cucumber slices in the blender along with freshly squeezed lime juice, sugar, and ice and whirled myself this cucumber lime smoothie. With it and a book I’ve wanted to read in tow, I lounged in our backyard patio the whole afternoon, just relaxing, reading, and taking glorious sips of this awesome refreshment.

That, my friends, sure beats being in the kitchen on a hot summer day baking bread. Definitely what I needed.

Tips On How To Make Cucumber Lime Smoothie

  • Use this recipe as a baseline. You can add more or less sugar, lime juice, or ice as you like. Just taste-test and tweak accordingly.
  • Substitute honey, agave, or coconut sugar if you prefer a healthier sweetener.
  • To get the most juice out of the limes, roll them on a flat surface a few times to soften.

How to make ahead

  • This cucumber lime smoothie is best enjoyed freshly made as the melted ice will dilute the taste.
  • If you’d like to prep the drink ahead, shred the cucumber instead and combine with the lime juice and about 4 cups water in a pitcher. Refrigerate until well-chilled and serve over ice.


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