Suam na Mais

One of G’s favorite comfort foods is the popular pairing of guacamole and chips but he has never heard of, much less tried, avocado milkshakes. Not suprising as although avocados are widely used here in California, these buttery fruits are more commonly applied in savory dishes such as sandwiches and salads than the sweet preparations like ice creams and desserts which we are more familiar with in the Philippines. So, while G mashed up his share of the avocados we bought today into a dip, I blended mine into a luscious, decadent drink. My avocado smoothie was thick and rich but you can certainly modify amounts~more milk, less avocado, more sugar, less ice~to meet your liking. The spritz of lemon juice is to retard browning and to brighten flavors. Enjoy!

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